Chthonic Cartography and a Host of Handouts

I love alliteration. Ok, in the title, strictly speaking, Chthonic and Cartography do not start with the same sound.


The point is that I’m putting together some special content for the boxed sets. Because you awesome people deserve MORE. At the moment the list is not final, but it’s composed of:

  • Pocketmod Character Sheets for AFG and OSR. They’re not final but almost. They will be updated. Download links: AFGOSR
  • An Academy of Apprentices. Twelve pregens. Yes, I decided that Academy is the collective noun for Apprentice. They are statted for AFG but it should not be a problem using them in OSR games if your DM is a bit flexible. Not final yet.
  • Scroll Scraps because sometimes you want an adventure hook and what’s best than picking a bit of paper at random and, without looking at it, hand it over to a player saying “Well, you got lost and, of all places, you ended up in the library. I know, your character is not used to studying, but you found an interesting scrap of scroll nonetheless and you suspect nobody’s going to miss it”. The fragments say things like “there’s an idol of gold in a temple under the Harga volcano”.
  • Chthonic Cartography. I already posted a map, but I thought that adding the map used for the playtest was mo’better. Not that any map of the Hypogea is more or less true than any other (hint: the place does not exist) but I enjoyed a lot this map. Of all the things, you might not want to pass this on to players. But really, it’s also in the box so that you have an example of what can be done with CHTHONOTRON. Click the image to download.



There should be another thing at least, but it’s a bit of a surprise. It might have something to do with goats. Baaaaaaaaaaaa.


A post of good news (Which is good, especially after the last tragic update).

First of all, look at the boxed set (the prototype is in the back):

2014-08-03 14.32.44

And a stack of boxed sets with some sharp’n’fancy Gamescience dice (and small stacks of Codex in the back):

2014-08-03 21.38.34

Boxmaking is going well. I was concerned that the printing process would make the covers weirdly different. The process is manual and incredibly finicky: it involves manually cleaning, inking and removing excess ink with a light rag from the plate for each impression. It means making about 4-5 copies per hour, and throwing away one or two per hour (yeah, I love that). Consistent editioning is hard – and I was concerned it would create weirdly different boxes, but they’re consistent enough. Gluing them by hand is not the easiest thing either.

As I write there are still 5 boxed sets available: due to legal requirements of limited edition prints, I can’t really make more than originally advertised.

In addition to that, the new printer delivered a few boxes of books:

2014-08-01 13.09.44

Yeah. Boxes of books. And here are the books:2014-08-01 13.33.20The new printer did a really good job, and quickly. Good, quick and not terribly expensive make me happy. I wish there was a way to show properly the matte finish on the KH and the Pergamino Barocco, because it looks really dope. I can see doing more business with them in the future. All the books are available at the webshop, and all come with PDFs. Of course, PDFs are also available.

The only thing that is not arrived yet is the printed Chthonic Codex – codex editions. That will require a few more days. Possibly next week.