News: Wonder & Wickedness release! and the Lost Pages Shop shuts down in ten days!

Two bigs pieces of news today!

First, I’m proud to release Wonder and Wickedness, Brendan’s sorcery supplement.

cover-black - black

It contains 84 pages of:

  • a new magic system with level-less magic and rules to adapt it to your favourite fantasy RPG
  • support for magic duels! like in fiction!
  • seven magic disciplines and a whole lot of new spells. Some have appeared on Brendan’s blog before.
  • scores of catastrophes, for when spellcasting goes horribly wrong
  • fifty magic items
  • and some fine new art by Russ Nicholson. Like this:

WEB A5 ghosts600 DPI

The PDF and Print+PDF are available at the Necropraxis section of the Lost Pages webshop.

Like for Into the Odd, the PDF is available immediately and the print copy will ship in January.

Now, the other piece of news: January 1st the webshop closes. The stop might be momentary. Or permanent. I have no idea, but I’m still waiting for news regarding the new EU VAT law. If you want to get some Lost Pages swag before it’s too late, head to the webshop. After that, I will only get orders by email. Fulfilling will resume regularly as soon as I get back to the UK.