Domains as actors, part deux: perks

After the first installment, I felt the need to make domains more unique. At the moment they are only distinguished by their fortification, domain type and of course by their topology, or connectedness.
The way domains are connected to each other is very important. In Risk, lands have only one stat (the continent they belong to), yet Ukraine is way more important than, say, Madagascar. For the same reason, make domains connect in interesting ways.

At any rate, here’s a first list of perks. I suggest each domain has a 1 chance in 4 to get a random perk, and if they got a perk they check for an extra perk. If they do have one, roll 1d8:

  1. Treacherous woods: all units in the domain fight as unarmed peasant levy.
  2. Swampy grounds: units must stop after entering the domain.
  3. Sea Harbour: +1 import and export. Only for coastal domains.
  4. Plentiful fisheries: harvest can be carried out in any season. Only for coastal domains.
  5. University: during a Fair action, the domain can spend a trade good and a food reserve to gain a prestige point.
  6. Metalworking tradition: every winter can transform one trade good to one arms without spending actions.
  7. Pilgrimage: every summer can spend one food reserve to a trade good without spending actions.
  8. Rich Mines: the first harvest of the year grants an extra trade good. The trade good can’t be consumed by this domain using the Gain Prestige action, but can be exported and spent elsewhere. To distinguish these tokens from the traditional type maybe flip them over.

So, yeah. The next step for this is a PDF with a few scenarios.