Whitebox20: something old, something new

I’m working on a new game. It’s going to be a small game.whitebox20

Well, I have a few files with the design heart in it. It is the spiritual offspring of Adventure Fantasy Game and Mageblade, with some bits and bobs added here and there that should have been more of a thing ages ago, like non-binary success, simpler spellcasting and more reliance on stats and less on of modifiers.

The focus for the whole enterprise is to release a game that is kind of old-style, but most importantly with clean mechanics. Clean because I realized that overall a clean and straightforward design that makes sense to beginners is more important than any other pet rule I might want in. So I’m putting in some mechanics that worked well in playtest, and some other that are just leaner that the alternatives. Some old cruft got thrown away, a bit I kept because of compatibility’s sake, and some new shiny things are in.

It’s going to be small, but complete. As in, probably one or few slim booklets, with a base game and a smattering of advanced players’ options, a few dungeons and a sandbox. I’m still on the fence as to whether add a “how you run this game” section or not. Who knows.

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