Whitebox20: Combat & Goblins

Combat rules took a while to decide. Literally, it’s what I thought about for the past few weeks when I woke up at night.

I wanted it based on the W20 check rules, and Melee and Missile be skills. It could have been a number of different solutions:

  • Opposed checks a-la FIGHTMORE, where who wins deals damage to the opponent.
  • Trying to beat someone’s armour.
  • Something with awkward math

Instead, I decided that every round you have ONE action.

You can Attack (make a melee check to deal damage) and if you’re hit and have not used your action you can use it to Defend (make a melee check or save to counter an attack). There are small other adjustments but that’s it.

How much damage? 1d6 + 1/3 of the margin or so. Much respect for Moldvay.

Armour? Reduces damage, from 1 to 3. Shields give +3 to defend/save.

Body modifier to damage? It already impacts on the hit roll, and the hitroll margin carries to damage.

By the way, here’s how I’m going to present monsters in the handbook (not in the adventures, where they will have a slightly different treatment).


2 thoughts on “Whitebox20: Combat & Goblins

  1. So, I’m still a little unclear on how stats/skills interact with the Margin. Here’s how I’m reading it, let me know if I’m way off:
    – Whatever the roll is, that’s your margin. Various rules care about margin.
    – Anything you’re capable of trying, a 5 is a success, a 10 is a great success, a 15 is a super great success, and a 20 is a critical success.
    – However, you cannot get a greater success than you have a stat/skill. So, if you have a 9 strength, no great successes or better for you.
    – Also, circumstances modify your maximum success. So, if I have a 16 strength, but a -6 modifier, I can get a success and a great success, but not a super great success. The same modifier on a 10 strength would mean that only regular success is possible, and that only on a 1-4.

    Have I gotten this right?

    Oh, and that monster layout is super pretty. What font is that? It’s classy as hell.

    • Totally correct!
      Thanks for the layout. Believe it or not, it’s LaTeX.
      The font is Doves Type. I bought 5 single-computer licences and one should be for your work on Lost Pages stuff 🙂

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