Updates: Book of Gaub Kickstarter, Into the Odd, plus Necropants

Ciao y’all!

I’ve got a couple of saucy updates, plus necropants:


The Book of Gaub kickstarter is going well, with about 48 hours to go! Production is ahead of schedule and and we are about to achieve the last two stretch goals: a soundtrack by the amazing Zoey McCullough and releasing the book as Creative Commons.

Zoey has already done a couple of tracks for Gaub, here’s a study on the antimemetic Finger that is Not There.

Only two days left! Only 20£ for hardcover, and 8£ for digital!

Into the Odd

After August 31st, the current version of Into the Odd will no longer be available to buy in print or pdf, so this is your last opportunity to pick it up!

There will be an announcement on bastionland.com on September 1st regarding the future of Into the Odd. 


I recently visited the Icelandic Sorcery Museum, and in this picture you can see me learning about Icelandic Sorcery with a pair of necropants in the background.

In the picture you can see me reading about a resurrection rite, with in the background a magic pair of long johns made from human skin, with an attached (yet out of frame) magic bawbag.

Yes, the magic of the necropants is that the pouch is always full of coins.

No, they are not genuine human remains.

Yes, I am looking into a Fjords & Sorcery book. 😀