Brütal Göry Fäntasy Rölpunk!!! Anarky in the Reich!!! WHFRP One-Page Simulacra

I wrote and designed Brütal Göry Fäntasy Rölpunk!!! Anarky in the Reich!!! entirely on Scottish public transport. It’s some kind of WHFRP simulacra, written without access to any WHFRP material. Because I was on the bus or train and my first edition handbooks are 1000 miles away.

I might bring some copies to Dragonmeet if people like it. Enjoy.

UPDATE: get a better scan of Brütal Göry Fäntasy Rölpunk!!! here.


Western League – Lake End Map

If you follow me on Google Plus you might have noticed some hand-drawn maps of a town.

Lake End is the starting town of my Western League campaign. All post-2008 campaigns in the Six Cities Settings have started from here, while before they started from Unis, an independent trading city a few hundred miles due south. Years of adventures made this little town more and more detailed, but all the previous mapping attempts have been functional but horrible to look at and ultimately forgettable.

The map was drawn with a 0.5mm rotring pen on lined paper. Lines help a lot for architectural-y axonometry drawing if you keep the rules vertical. In caser you wonder, they can be ‘shopped out easily.

I’m not an artist and I’m pants at drawing, so it’s far from being good. But since people asked me to share it, it’s here for grabs.

The coastline and hinterland are not finished because, well, you might want to place the town somewhere else without a really productive and chaotic lumber and woodworking industry.

As (almost) always, it’s licenced with a Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

Download: AFG character generation rules, well, the whole of the first chapter actually

UPDATE: the link below is to the unedited first chapter in its final version. The new version will be uploaded soon is finally here.

AFG character creation is built to make players hit the road in minutes.

The checklist goes:

  1. Have you rolled 3d6 for each stat?
  2. Have you picked a Way: Caster or Fighter?
  3. Have you rolled your hits according to the character’s Way? What about Mana?
  4. Have your rolled your random equipment?
  5. For Fighters: have you picked your weapon of choice?
  6. For Casters: have you discussed your starting spells with the Referee?
  7. Are all the above written on your character sheet?

And that’s pretty much it. And people asked me if they can make handouts and the like and, well, yes, of course you can, third-party support material is 100% awesome. And if you want to send them here I’ll put them in the AFG site (which will go live soon).

Download the first chapter of AFG in a PDF file (not the latest revision, download to be updated soon), covering character creation and Ways rules (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA).

AFG Preview: Spell Research, Transcription and Printing Press

Today it’s editing time here at the Lost Flat of yours truly, mostly spent fixing small bits and bobs and the horrible horribleness that was the Fighting Capability section, then adding items to the shopping list, writing up the Innumerable Demon Gods for the Divinity chapter and cleaning up the section concerning spell research, grimoires and transcription.

Then I decided that, damn, if I didn’t include a section on stating that introducing the printing press in a fantasy setting will upset mages and guild members everywhere I’d feel the worst possible typography nerd ever. So I wrote it and to be honest it’s shocking to realize that the RPG industry can’t cope with the idea of printing spellbooks in game and that in forty years nobody tried to push the boundary with something as simple as this. Then I realized that the RPG industry is dying like it’s going out of season. So it’s here for you to read and bravely go forward destroying the social equilibrium of your fantasy campaign world.

Oh, yes, the preview also has spell research rules usable with any Old School RPG; just remember that a spell level in AFG corresponds to roughly twice the level of the same spell in Old School games. I’ve been using it for the past 15 years in three-four different RPGs with minimal changes and it works fine. Oh, did I mention that AFG comes with more than 80 new, non-SRD spells? And I had to include the Flammarion engraving with the spell research rules because I know it’s a cliche but this is my only occasion to use it, ever. And it’s lovely and loaded with symbolism.

Spell research preview: download, print, enjoy.

Hypothesis 69 redux: Axo’s Dungeon for One Page Dungeon Competition 2012

Last year I put together an epic map from Dyson and Stonewerks geomorphs. It got quite a lot of traffic, arrived on reddit and as people thought it was the bee’s knees I followed up with a tutorial to build more of the same.

Comes the OPDC 2012 and I decide that i have to submit something. Gotten the permissions from both the awesome geomorpher dudes I start to play with it and…

Well, did I mention I’m a freelancer? Got swamped with work. That’s my excuse for not winning OPDC this year. 🙂

Here’s the baby as a small image:

And as a proper-sized PDF:

Many thanks to both Dyson and Stonewerks for the support.

MOSTROTRON and incidentally 100th post

One hundred posts: it took me a bit more than two years but to be honest I din’t really expect to be extremely prolific as a blogger. The past years has been especially tiresome (due to working full time wile getting a degree, then embarking in postgraduate studies, plus moving 1000 miles and other madness-inducing shenanigans) and only last October I started to get some rest.

In the meantime the development of Adventure Fantasy Game continued up to the completion of the fifth revision of the text: once more it’s going through proofreading and editing.

I’m getting some pretty pictures done by  artists I admire which I hope to show you in the next weeks, while I ponder about businessy problems such as if it’s best to include an adventure in the handbook or to add an extra booklet, if said adventure should be an hexcrawl, dungeeoncrawl or both and things like this (I’m testing both just to be sure). While I’m getting a colour cover painted, the handbook will be offered with two covers: both  what’s been called the boat cover (some people really love the boat which, according to my seafaring dad, is not a boat but a galleon) and the other cover. which I can’t show you because it doesn’t fully exist yet.

What I can offer you now is MOSTROTRON, the AFG monster generator: download it here clicky clicky.

If you want to know more about it click here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Regarding the AFG manual, I’ll be accepting pre-orders for AFG soon, for both PDF-only and Print-PDF bundles.

Clerics suck: Gods and Religion in AFG (also excerpt)

Clerics suck in D&D.

No, not because the class is weak (it’s mighty fine, let me tell you), but because the religion and worshipping is completely unrepresented in the class mechanics and completely unrelated and unnecessary to casting spells. It’s like giving thieves extra money but no pick-pocket and lock-picking skills.

It sucks, really. And, please, clerics apologists, don’t try to make me change my mind. I got rid of the cleric class in AFG already: all spells are available to all casters (well, if they can learn them).

So, yes, clerics are gone from AFG land, but not the clergy, the faithful, the fanatics and the cultist. AFG has plenty of these: the first “real” cleric in the Western League campaign was a worshipper of Cthulhu. Cthulhu the Harbinger of Life. Yes, you read that correctly, it’s described in the excerpt linked below.

I wanted religion to be meaningful: worshipping brings benefits, and simply picking a class with meh spells and limited weapon selection is not enough. AFG structures religions so that blessings are awarded based on specific criteria:

  • Worship, such as sacrifices and praying, will bring some limited benefit.
  • Charisma (grace given from the gods) is reserved to those few that are chosen.
  • Henosis, getting one with one’s god, makes one similar to a god (and thus powerful) through sympathy of action.

In addition blessings can be gained by making offers at various altars and statues around the world: feeding golden demon statues confers small blessings too.

Faith is all-powerful. Clicky clicky and read the excerpt from the religion chapter of AFG from the latest draft.