Reviews of Into The Odd, Wonder & Wickedness and Chthonic Codex

New products came out, and people wrote reviews. If you wrote one not in the list, let me know.

Into the Odd

Author: Chris of Soogagames (go there for more material)  who by the way just released a free-as-beer Oddpendium.

Over at In the Shadow of Puzzled Vikings Daniel Luce has a solo playthorugh and some encounters.

Alex Chalk wrote a review in his blog To Distand Land.

Noah Stevens (of the Noah Tax) reviews it at Hapless Mercenary

Sophia Brandt’s review at Die Heart

By the way, Levi Kornelsen, who made the supersweet ItO cover, made a great modern character sheet and then another more old looking.

This section ends with some quotable soundbites:

This game is soooooo good! Simple rules, wonderfully weird setting. It’s my go-to for gritty, deadly, dungeon-y adventure.
+John Harper

I just ran my first session of Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd. Know what was cool? Everything. More specifically? A party managed to crawl 21 rooms worth of dungeon in under 3 hours. Now that’s efficient
+Alex Chalk

Awesome stuff. Mechanics are really simple but lead to very satisfying play
+Nathan Ryder

It’s vague enough to permit a great deal of creativity and just barely rulesy enough to stay together for a game that will need no consultation of the book under time pressure
+Noah Stevens

The rules get out of the way and provide resolution mechanics without being cumbersome. Fighting is fast and lethal and doesn’t mess around with armor class. Gear generation is delightful.
+Andrew Shields

As a starter game, a pick-up for veterans, or a quick convention drop, Into The Odd definitely delivers and will certainly sit on my mobile device for quick access and in my convention kit.
+Paul Baldowski

Wonder & Wickedness

Author: Brendan of Necropraxis

A first review from A Dungeon of Signs.

In German, a review of from

Chthonic Codex

I’m the author, you’re at my blog already. 🙂

Stuart of False Machine made a four-fold review. Stuart got a bunch of things perfectly right:

  1. on Cryptic Creatures
  2. on Academia Apocrypha
  3. on Mysteries & Mystagogues
  4. on Goats and handouts and all that’s in the box and a final commentary

the TL;DR: version is the second half of the fourth part.

Harald writes about it here, Courtney in his blog

Dyson (yes, that Dyson) wrote a review of the box of the boxed set itself. I’m not even joking.