AFG R9: first change – Physique

TL;DR: In AFG-R9, high PHY not only gives 1 extra damage die for two-handed weapons, but also 1 additional hit.

Long form: In the past two days I rolled 12 AFG characters to use as pregens for Chthonic Codex. I started to think about the meaning of high and low stats a lot.

Craft and Spirit, when they are high, give interesting modifiers: Craft gives an extra spell even for fighters, Spirit 1 extra mana (yes, even to fighters) and luck (1 free reroll per session). And when they are low they give interesting flaws: scarce literacy and bad luck (something unlucky will happen to the character, every session).

Low Physique forces the character to use all weapons except knives with two hands. Which is cool in my book and lets a kid with a knife still be nasty.

But high PHY gave only an extra die of damage with two-handed weapons. Which is good but not as interesting. So now a high PHY gives 1 Additional Hit: this means that the character not only has more hits, but also attacks better sooner. And it means that, on average, characters get an FC improvement 1 level earlier.

Now, if I could fix that two-handed dilemma, it would be ace.