Idol of Cthulhu – Claire Maclean for Adventure Fantasy Game

Claire Maclean is a brilliant young Scottish artist from Dundee.  She’s producing out most of the internal art for AFG (like this warrior) and at the moment she’s working on idols for gods, godlings and saints.

And this is the awesome she came up with when asked for a drawing of an idol of Cthulhu.

Extremely cuddly. More art previews soon, click here for Claire Maclean’s portfolio at Art Imaginarium.


Random findings due to sleep deprivation

Today (actually, yesterday, WP crapped out last night and the post didn’t get published) I was coming back home on the bus and was feeling terribly tired, so instead of walking the 15 minutes that separate the closest bus stop of the line I was on I took another bus to get next block to my flat.

So I jump on the second bus, check with the driver route details and have a sit. Immediately I realize that actually I mentioned the wrong street, so I just jump off at the next stop and resolve not to fuck up anymore with public transport but just walk home.

On the way I stopped at a charity shop to see if they had some nice cheap boardgames. Zilch.

The next charity shop: an Oxfam I never noticed before. I got in, browsed the wares, let out a powerful and resounding “squee :3”, forked over 16£ to the friendly shopkeeper, left with a some books under my arm.

Here are the books:

Oh well. 🙂