Adventure Fantasy Game: SOLD OUT! and another AFG-R7 illustration

Adventure Fantasy Game is sold out. Gone. I thought it would take me a couple of years to sell the first print run, but it took six months. I might have one or two copies in a pristine state kicking about, but I’m not sure.

If you are interested in a copy email me and I’ll let you know If I can find one. Obviously the PDF is still available, and it’s possible to preorder the new release from the website.

The good news is that AFG-R7 (AFG seventh revision) needs only a little bit of layout TLC before shipping. R7 will be laid out on a handier A5 instead of A4, with new illustrations made by Chris Stanley, the illustrator of the upcoming Chthonic Codex. Like the one below, gracing the new MOSTROTRON pages.


The page count is now at 108 pages instead of 64, due to the smaller page size and the much improved layout.  Except for corrections content is going to be essentially the same, with a few additions like the Way of the Arts, improved Starting Equipment tables and potentially more. Potentially because I don’t want AFG to become a Big Game: I’d rather keep it sleek and relegate additional content to this blog and other books.

As per use, comments on Google Plus.

Forbidden Castle – Stephan Poag Cover Art for Adventure Fantasy Game

Stephan Poag is my favourite OSR illustrator. I contacted him, asked if he’d like to draw a cover for AFG, details were supplied, then he quickly produced an early sketch, feedback was exchanged and acted on.

Then, delivery of what can be only described as “100% faithful to actual game content”:

There’s something about purchasing original art for your game that makes it more real: probably the fact that your pet-project starts to have a material cost, I’m not sure. Working with Stephan has been a pleasure and I hope to do more of the same in the future.

Oh, I almost forgot: AFG will be available soon in two formats: digital and print+digital bundle.

The Digital format will be 4.50£ and will give you early access not only to the PDF of the final version and the early versions, but also to the LaTeX source files in case you want to annotate or modify it. Yes, you get the source files. And on top a 4.50£ discount on the Print+Digital version, so when you decide to upgrade you will pay only the difference.

The Print+Digital bundle details are yet to be perfectly finalized, but will set you off 12£ + s/h for a softcover version of the final release of AFG, an A4 64-pages staple-bound book with colour cover and b/w interiors.

In both cases you get to have an early view of the game, test it and give feedback. I’ve been at the same time writing and playtesting AFG for more than a year now, but I can always use more feedback. You deserve not less than the best. 🙂