Adventure Fantasy Game: the Way of the Arts

Adventure Fantasy Game does not have traditional classes.

Characters, every time a level is gained, decide which Way to pursue to increase in experience. The Ways presented in the handbook are the Way of Steel for Fighters and the Way of Magic for Casters.

So a character can start as Caster 1, then get a couple of Fighter levels, then another couple of Caster levels and end up as Caster 3/Fighter 2, which is able to cast most of their spells even in armour.

The two Ways are of course not the only ones supported by the system. The Way of the Arts has not been included in the handbook because back then I wasn’t really happy with it, but now it’s ready to be shown in public.

The Way of the Arts

Characters who embark in the Way of the Arts are known as Practitioners. The Way of the Arts focuses training and growth on practicing mundane arts and crafts. Practitioners can be artisans, renaissance-men, artists, con-men. Practitioners roll 1d6 to determine Hits for each level gained in the Way of the Arts, receive training in using light armours armours but not shields.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practitioners spend a lot of time honing their skills. Each time a character gains a level in the Way of the Arts the character can distribute 5 EXPERT letters on their tasks.

A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work

Practitioners in the same sector all know each other, and should the need rise they are able to find a  job. Each time a character gains a level in the Way of the Arts the character can spend 6 months working and gaining some money using a specific Task. The character will net 1d6 thalers each week spent working, -1 if less than EXPERT in the Task, +4 if MASTER, +1/-1 depending on the stat relevant to the Task. Since this is done during adventuring downtime and assumes full-time employment starting characters can directly add the same amount of money to their initial savings, while existing characters will not be able to adventure while they are working. It’s noteworthy that it’s possibly to use pickpocket or lockpicking as a Task to get some money. Whether this causes problems with the law is to be left to decide to the Referee.