One Page Dungeon on A5

Actually, Two Pages Dungeons on American-Format-Smaller-Than-A6 (3×5″ maybe?).

A while ago I succumbed to my instinct to stockpile stationery and I got myself a moleskine-lookalike…

A7 notepad…left page blank and right page ruled…

Awesome for small content… like small dungeons? 🙂

I meant to write one a day, each based on a single card from Everway decks, as exercise in dungeon design, but then I got busy with moving a thousand miles away and other stuff… 🙂

7 thoughts on “One Page Dungeon on A5

  1. Very cool idea and nicely done. I have some Moleskines lying around the house, I think I’m going to try this myself.

  2. Wow! When did you have this idea?

    I had almost exactly the same idea (without the Everway part) last October or November.

    I bought a Moleskine (my first one), I organized the book in 4-6 page “chunks” that were devoted to an adventure/location each (I had one larger region cut up into 18 pieces = chapters), I started scribbling in it (light pencil sketches of the adventure regions, no text yet) …

    …and likewise, got distracted by real life.

    Seeing this urges me to continue.

    • The Mauve Elderflowers Forest is the first minidungeon. It’s dated 2010-06-14, last June. 🙂
      But to be honest I have stuff older than that in another moleskine, but it details a megadungeon: I only managed to write down the “side view” with 16 levels/locales (and determine the contents) but I never wrote down the singular levels as I just needed a canvas to improvise on. I guess completing the effort and detailing the 16 dungeon levels and campaign features and notes would be interesting 🙂

      Is anyone interested in it? 🙂

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