I’d like to be able to dodge the issue saying that errors like these happen all the time

The truth is that i fouled up.

The first print run of Into the Odd has been printed with the wrong back cover. This is the cover I wanted:


This is the cover that got printed (the colour is fine, it’s just my camera being weird with halogen lights.


The back cover has a blurb and a wrong illustration and trade dress.

So I’m going to destroy them and have a new batch printed correctly.

Now, if you want the “original misprinted edition”, write me, and you’ll get shipped one. The day I receive the correct printing I’m going to destroy the remaining wrong copies and ship the correct ones. If you dont write me that you want the original printing, you get the corrected cover.

If you want a misprint, a few of them are still available at the webshop.

This hobby of mine is such a pain sometimes.