Hypothesis 69 redux: Axo’s Dungeon for One Page Dungeon Competition 2012

Last year I put together an epic map from Dyson and Stonewerks geomorphs. It got quite a lot of traffic, arrived on reddit and as people thought it was the bee’s knees I followed up with a tutorial to build more of the same.

Comes the OPDC 2012 and I decide that i have to submit something. Gotten the permissions from both the awesome geomorpher dudes I start to play with it and…

Well, did I mention I’m a freelancer? Got swamped with work. That’s my excuse for not winning OPDC this year. 🙂

Here’s the baby as a small image:

And as a proper-sized PDF:

Many thanks to both Dyson and Stonewerks for the support.

11 thoughts on “Hypothesis 69 redux: Axo’s Dungeon for One Page Dungeon Competition 2012

    • Glad you like it!
      I never thought of Axo’s dungeon as a megadungeon, but it does extend on circa 8 levels, so I guess you’re right; it’s probably the smallest megadungeon 🙂

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  4. Hei, great dungeon. Slept some years on my computer, tomorrow I will play yout dungeon with dungeonslayers, with a 3-D-Map. Maybe I translate your version.

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