Soon: the Book of Gaub kickstarter!

A finger trails the letters across a dusty tome.
A finger points the way down a dark haunted alley.
A finger feels for the pulse of life on a long decayed corpse.
A finger scratches the floorboards beneath your feet.
A finger chewed down to a white bone.
A finger that is not there.
A finger catches a shed tear and slides it into a bottle.
These are the Seven Fingers of the Hand of Gaub.

We are making a new spellbook, written by a team of seven authors, filled with magic and microfiction.

It is creepy, it is uneasy, it is woven with a warp of screaming nightmares and a weft of sheer terror. It’s cobwebs in your face and nails on a blackboard, it’s getting lost and getting hungry, it’s the attic you want to forget and the basement you locked up, it’s Babadook, it’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, it’s Misery and The Shining.

It is the Book of Gaub. Seven is Seven.

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