Release: Chthonic Codex, Pergamino Barocco Paperback Edition

Today it’s the release date for Chthonic Codex – volume 1: Cryptic Creatures. and  Pergamino Barocco, paperback edition. The PDFs will be shipped from 9PM GMT tonight (4PM EST), the print copies from next week onwards. Due to the approaching festive season, the sooner you place orders, the sooner you will receive the books. Do it too late, wait for January. Mind you, I need to process all orders by hand, so ordering a PDF means having to wait a bit.

Chthonic Codex – volume 1: Cryptic Creatures: the first volume counts 64 pages of fragments from the recently recovered Chthonic Codex, the monstrosities illustrated by Christopher Stanley. It’s the monster manual of the Chthonic Codex setting, as well as being a stand alone monster book for Swords & Wizardry and other retroclones and Adventure Fantasy Game. It will be followed by two more volumes (Academia Apocripha and Mysteries & Mystagogues). It comes in PDF, Print + PDF and three limited editions: Boxed Set + PDF, Codex Edition and Boxed plus Codex Edition.

Note: the limited editions will be shipped in early 2014 and include all the content from the three books. Plus more. I’ll try something different in the development process and will share drafts with who opts for a preorder. Updated versions of the PDFs will be distributed as they are developed.

cc vol 1-cover-small

Codex in the wild: the cover by Claire Maclean is something I’m extremely proud of.

2013-11-28 09.37.26

Also, tangentially related: printing by hand is effing awesome.

2013-11-28 20.42.52

Pergamino Barocco, paperback editionPDF or Print and PDF!

The Pergamino is a bit of a weird beast.

And it’s going to be printed in two different paperback editions, depending on supply.

Delivered to you in a variety of covers, bindings and paper.

cover small

If you need more details about all the released products, have a gander at the Lost Pages website. Comments below or on Plus.

Preorders open: Chthonic Codex vol I: Cryptic Creatures, Pergamino Barocco Paperback

Hey you all,

Two products are prereleased today, and are available for preorders:

First, Chthonic Codex – volume 1: Cryptic Creatures. It comes in PDF, Print + PDF and three limited editions: Boxed Set + PDF, Codex Edition and Boxed plus Codex Edition.  The fancy limited edition will be shipped next year, while the rest should be shipped within the next 2 weeks. It’s the monster manual of the Chthonic Codex setting, as well as being a stand alone monster book for Swords & Wizardry and other retroclones and Adventure Fantasy Game.

cc vol 1-cover-small

Second, the Pergamino Barocco, paperback edition! PDF or Print and PDF! This cover might not be final, but it’s going to be reasonably close to the final version.

cover small

And, last, here’s the new Lost Pages website. I’ll keep all my product information there.

Minuscolo Grimorio – and our apparent involvement in it

It’s been reported that a customer of Pergamino Barocco found a non-announced, unadvertised tiny spellbook with it.


Apparently the book was found hidden in the back of the foam padding we use to protect the Pergamino during shipping. No other customer reported a similar finding to date.

The uncredited content is reportedly twelve seemingly otherwise unpublished spells “of qliphotic nature”, whatever that might mean.

It must be clear to our readers that neither I nor Roger condone any kind of Left-Hand-Path  spells or involvement with the Dark Arts and therefore we take distance from such writing.

Pergamino Barocco – Alternative Binding

The Pergamini Barocchi have been printed. If all goes well I should be able to ship the first batch next week.

Tonight I found some binding leatherette and, well, I wanted to know if the Pergamino would do well with an alternative binding. So instead of the two split hardcovers I’d make a normal book case and attach one of the end of the concertina to it, leaving the other free.

Thing is, leatherette hates me. With a passion. It’s a stubborn hateful piece of scorn and I can’t seem to glue it even with a plasma torch.

But tonight, kind reader, tonight the leatherette was conquered.

Here are some pictures.

2013-05-16 22.59.43

2013-05-16 22.34.55

Pressing the cover.

2013-05-16 23.28.43


100% vegan-compatible, non renewable leatherette. Might add some kind of clasp or tie like this braided one.2013-05-16 23.28.58

Contents seem to be accessible.
2013-05-16 23.29.11MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. By the way, this copy is not really for sale as it has some minor imperfections I’m not really happy with. Small imperfections. On the other hand I ran out of dark brown leatherette and have only some reddish left, and I REALLY LIKE THE BROWN ONE. But if you do really like it too we can have a chat.

Mind you, none of them will be 100% straight and without kinks because I’m just an hobbyist.

If you have bought a Pergamino already: if you prefer this binding, let me know and I’ll happily oblige.

If you have inquired about a Pergamino: you’re part of the waiting list. Email me because IT’S BOOKBINDING TIME. This means some kind of transfer of money or food or something so that me and Roger can feel motivated to do more and better.

If you have not bought a Pergamino and want one: at the moment I have what can be termed a surplus of scrolls. But it’s not really a surplus because there’s a waiting list. I’m not sure I’m going to print many more because, well, It’s really expensive to make.

So, yeah. My email is as per use tsojcanth at gmail. The webstore is here.