Do you want hemorrhaging with that? Critical Hits for OSR games (including AFG, of course)

Going to 0 hits and dying is not fun. What’s fun is losing an arm or an eye instead and play a crippled PC that will live fantastic adventures while become more and more crippled.

So, your hits don’t go below 0 and PCs function fine with 0 hits. But anytime hits go below zero, tally the amount and use it as a modifier on the Internal Organs Are Supposed To Be Internal Table. Damage taken is cumulative for the table, but of you play a game where damage is more than, say, B/X, halve the modifier. AFG effects are in parenthesis.

Staggered is a status characters can suffer from criticals. A staggered character rolls an extra d6 on the IOaStbI Table, can’t act and defend at -3 (-1 FC).

Internal Organs Are Supposed To Be Internal Table (1d6+damage)

  1. you can’t roll a 1. Stupid WYSIWYG editor. ignore this entry.
  2. Cut or bruise. Will leave a scar or permanent bump.
  3. For some reason you let your weapon fall off your grasp. That sucks.
  4. Badly unbalanced. Staggered for 1 round.
  5. Your weapon arm is broken/badly cut. Next time dodge instead of using it as a cover for your head. -3 to hit (-1 FC) for a month.
  6. Face blow. You see the stars even from within a dungeon. Staggered for 1d6 rounds. If you have a full face visor, instead SAVE or staggered 1d6 rounds. In any case, SAVE or lose an eye.
  7. There is a gap in your ribcage. Blood is coming out. YOU BE A DEAD MURDERHOBO. (it’s here to allow insta-death on 6 damage)
  8. Crotch. Yow. Staggered for 2d6 rounds. SAVE or lose your bits.
  9. Hit square on the head. If you have a helmet, SAVE or staggered 1d6 rounds. Else, SAVE OR DIE. If you save get a nice scar on your face and lose: 1d6: 1: an eye 2:an ear 3:nose 4:part of skull 5:jaw 6:tongue.
  10. There goes your (1d6: 1, 2: leg, 3,4:arm 5:head 6: torso), smashed or cut off. If this doesn’t kill you, you are going to collapse in 1d6 rounds. After, SAVE OR DIE anyway.
  11. An internal organ becomes external. That’s does not bode well. SAVE OR DIE. If you save, staggered for 3d6 rounds and you lose half of your Constitution and your max hits are halved. By the way, if from now on you drink or carouse, SAVE OR DIE.
  12. Blood. Blood spraying everywhere. Everywhere it should not be, at least. And it’s yours. SAVE OR DIE each of the next 1d6 rounds, then collapse for 1d6 hours.
  13. Hemorrhage like a pro, internal if blunt damage. SAVE OR DIE each round for the next 2d6 rounds.
  14. or more. YOU DEAD DAWG. In a horrible way. Like, your belly is open, your bowels fall out, someone trips over them and sprays blood and gore everywhere. Or you explode.

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