Almanack of Peris: deadline and a list of the relevant and peculiar locations

The map of the Almanack of Peris shows many locales. The contest is about you describing the campaign. Two winners will get 30$ worth of Lost Pages swag (did I mention we do handbound PoD too?). The deadline is AUGUST 31ST 2013, NOON UTC.

Suggestions for submissions:

  • monsters
  • locales
  • classes
  • objects
  • dungeons
  • traditions
  • art
  • maybe even a full setting

To make the job of the contestant easier, I made a list of all the locales on the map, broken by quadrant. There are 5 quadrants: NW, NE, SW, SE plus the area around Peris itself.


Quadrant NW

  • Vale of the Festival
  • Anaton – a city
  • the upper river Anaton – the longest river of the land
  • The Blue Dome
  • an Iron Pillar
  • and an iron road between them
  • Tower of Argl
  • Home of the Hungry God
  • Biaz – a town
  • High Biaz – a village, with a fortress
  • Devil’s Hill
  • a sign pointing north: “Realm of the Tiger Queen”

Quadrant NE

  • the lower river Anaton
  • Tree of Time
  • Cairn of the Blue Gate
  • two Blue Pillars
  • and an iron road linking them
  • the Bog of Kerr
  • Chained Sisters
  • Miners’ Valley
  • Iba – an hamlet
  • Red Copse
  • Kha – a fortress
  • Alteb – a town
  • Tower of Tally
  • Woroton – a town
  • Ziti – an hamlet
  • Fort Ziti
  • the Glass Wastes

Quadrant SW

  • the upper river Rheu
  • Ruins of Old Rheu – an ancient city, flooded by a swamp
  • Fort Rheu
  • New Rheu – a town
  • Inn of the Stork
  • Tower of Reienef
  • a sign pointing west: “to Grencia”
  • Spirint King Peak
  • the Spirit river
  • Tower of Nue
  • a sign pointing southwest: “to Orpal”
  • Tower of Obar
  • the Canyon of Them
  • Gnoles Woods
  • the source of the river Fakě

Quadrant SE

  • the lower river Rheu
  • Lake Rheu
  • City of Eptek – the biggest city of the land
  • Hermitage of the Red Major
  • Tower of the Red Bishop
  • Edel – a village
  • Ersi – a town
  • Fyrt – a village
  • the Sanctuary of Rudian
  • The School of Fakery
  • Uba – a tower
  • Tower of Balo
  • a sign posting southwest: “to [blank]”. This is for you to decide.

Peris Quadrant

  • House of R’S’N
  • by the biggest giant white megalith
  • Chasm of C’X’L’
  • by the tallest giant white megalith
  • Great Altar of S’T’N’
  • by the widest giant white megalith
  • the Pyramid of P’R’N’
  • by the smallest, but still giant, white megalith
  • the Hut of Bagigi
  • the Gazebo of Yum
  • the Rainbow Pool
  • a Soul Corral
  • a big tree. like, big
  • Peris – a town

Almanack of Peris and Environs: map and crowdsourcing.

Not much is known about the village of Peris, but we have a map of its environs.


Thing is, I wanted to exercise a bit my drawing. But since I’ve finished it it, I’d like to put it to good use. So it would be cool if you dear reader sent me:

  • monsters
  • locales
  • classes
  • object
  • dungeons
  • local foods and drinks
  • whatnots
  • maybe even a full setting.

Then it will all be mashed up and published as the Almanack of Peris and Environs, “soon” to be published by your truly, containing the edited, collected submissions.

Of all the submissions I’ll choose the two best (aided by Chris, pizza and beer), give them 30$ of credit toward stuff I publish and publish them completely.

Better scan to follow up soon: it’s drawn on an A1 sheet, and I have only an A4 scanner…