Bundle of Holding OSR+4: boxed set and special goodies

Hey, do you know about the Bundle of Holding +4? The lineup is terrific and I’d totally go to the gig.

screenshot-2016-11-06-at-09-44-36 We are talking about Stuart + Finch + Kaiser + Dyson + One Page Dungeon Collective for less than nine bucks instead of $42.50, which is already terrific and totally rocks.

But there’s more.

The bonus collection is St.Andre, Maliszewski, McGrogan, Kutalik and me. More than 70 dollars worth of games, and all you have to pay is about twenty bucks. Go get it!

I kind of freaked out a little bit when I was told the lineup. It’s a whole lot of directly straight-away playable material, from map packs and one page dungeons to glorious OSR Third Wave campaign settings that will keep you gaming for a long, long while.

Also, as a completely volunteered extra perk, I’m going to make a custom boxed set. The boxed set will be shipped to the highest contributor. This is the kind of box set I make:


It won’t necessarily be a Chthonic Codex box though. Other participant designers approved the production of a box! It will be a  custom, one-off item.

There will be only one. It might be yours.

And, on top, it’s going to have goodies inside. Contents are not finalized, probably print version of the books, maybe handouts, possibly some maps.


If you pay to get the Bonus Collection, submit a 30-words-or-less statement about why you like one (or more) of these titles on Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook. We will select the best, and the winner will get goodies too. Use the tag #OSRBundlePlus4

The real keystone for all of this though is the charity we can support together: Doctors Without Borders.


Doctors Without Borders brings healing where there’s none, providing healthcare for war-torn regions and for endemic diseases in countries with insufficient access to public healthcare.

Doctors Without Borders does the good job.

Even if you have all the OSR goodies in this offer, please go to their site and donate to them. They help people that otherwise would have nobody else. Even a few bucks are a bucket of help.

Or, you know, you could just get the Bundle of Holding +4, which combines the donation with some sweet, heavily discounted OSR books.

One thought on “Bundle of Holding OSR+4: boxed set and special goodies

  1. Damn, more than a 1000 buyers, that was a succesful bundle. Is there any way to check the list of highest contributors now that it has ended?

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