New Font: PG Trampier Runes

David Trampier wrote this comic called Wormy on Dragon Magazine. In one of the issues a wizard opens a portal tracing some runes in the air with a golden stylus.


I made a font with those runes: PG Tramp Runes. You might want to use them with a runic magic system.

If you want to use it for anything commercial, don’t. I’m working on a better, saner version.

Here’s the mapping.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.36.27

Download link: PG Trampier Runes

16 thoughts on “New Font: PG Trampier Runes

  1. Very cool, Paolo! Definitely looking forward to the more-polished version.

    Can you talk a little about your character-letter mapping process?—did you assign characters based on your artistic vision for the letters, or did you do some cryptography across his various images with magical runes in them to decode them? And, if the latter, did you find any secret messages? 😀


      • Hey, that’s me! This is awesome. I’ll look forward to seeing how you organize the letters from the certificate (and don’t forget the activation phrase!) as you complete this.

          • On my page, it’s just above the upper/lower case comparison. It includes the characters you’re calling “b”, “m”, and “e” but also some other ones. Then I just added a certificate with more text on it at the bottom of the page.

            Do you mind if I link to this page from mine?

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  4. As a HUGE Wormy-and-all-things-Dave-Trampier fan, I can say this fills me with enormous joy! I also can’t wait to see the “more polished” version.

    Is there any chance you’ll eventually do the magical language Gremorly uses? As in the following strips:
    Wormy [Dragon #72, pt 1]
    Wormy [Dragon #72, pt 2]
    Wormy [Dragon #73]

    • Those are two different languages, I’d say – a demonic language that the familiar speaks and a different form of magic language that’s used for the sleep spells. It’d be awesome to see fonts for either one but it’d be quite the undertaking.

      • No argument here! I’m awed at the portal font! If I’d had that back in the 80s, I would today be a legend in DM circles, my name spoken of only in whispers! And I’d owe it all to Tsojcanth the Magnificent!

  5. I was rereading the Wormy series, and I thought I’d check in and see if you’d gotten around to updating the font. I’m using it to produce player handouts, thank you so much for this!

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